3 New Block Printing Ideas for Easter Gifts

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

5 Mar 2018  | 0 Comments

Easter is a time for getting together and handing out sweet treats to family and friends, so why not make your own gifts and cards? Here are three of our favourite easy and effective Easter projects that you can achieve with stamping equipment and water-based inks.

Rabbit or egg ribbons for gifts

Patterned ribbon is such a simple way to add a distinctive touch to an Easter egg or gift, and block printing is an ideal way to produce bulk amounts of it! You’ll want to design a small and simple print to suit the ribbon’s width, and then choose a contrasting ink colour so your pattern stands out. We love the idea of repeating a series of rabbit silhouettes or tiny eggs along a thick satin ribbon. You might even choose metallic gold or silver eco-friendly inks, which can look amazing on dark and bright colours.

This colourful rabbit ribbon from SiniOvi provides cute inspiration for Easter themed ribbon prints.

Colourful Easter cards

If you’re planning to send a lot of Easter greetings or gifts out, the most affordable and efficient way to produce a fantastic result en masse is with block printing. Kids will love making these cards; from folding some high-quality paper in half to designing their own linocut print. These designs can be traced onto a foam or rubber stamp backing, then carefully cut out using a craft knife. Equip yourself with some vivid glow colours from Permaset that are safe for kids to use, and get stamping. You can even use the same block to create patterned wrapping paper for Easter chocolates.

Try these Ezy Carve blocks to do your block printing. They are easy to use, inexpensive and available from Eckersley’s stores in Australia

Personalised Easter bags

When kids wake up on Easter the first thing they’ll want to do is hop outside to go searching for Easter eggs in the garden. Make them a personalised Easter egg bag and the experience will be even more special. You could either print onto cotton drawstring bags or totes, or change the design each year by printing onto simple brown paper bags. You could customise each one with the child’s initials, name, a bespoke Easter message or by choosing different coloured inks.

Cotton bags like these from RyssAndCo make great gifts, and kids can use them to collect chocolate eggs. You can make something similar by block printing a simple design using Permaset eco-friendly inks.

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