5 Fabulous Apps for T-Shirt Designers

by Natasha Sheppard

in Tips & Ideas

29 May 2014  | 1 Comment

Are you all pumped up to create your own line of originally-designed, printed t-shirts but don’t know where to start? Then you’ll be amazed to know that you could be holding the answer in your hands right now. Your tablet or smartphone could be the key to your t-shirt printing success, thanks to some wonderful new apps that are made just to inspire and support creative, t-shirt designing minds like yours.

So before you whip out those textile inks and ready your printing screens, why not check out some nifty new apps first? There are plenty of them out there that can definitely get your artistic beans brewing, and we’ve listed five of our favourites that we think you’ll love as well:

1.  Snaptee

Snaptee is the ultimate t-shirt designers’ app as it gives anyone, from budding to pro t-shirt designers practically everything they need to create one-of-a-kind, modern designs for t-shirts. Using the app’s numerous features, users can fashion totally unique t-shirt designs out of their own photos or original artworks. Users can also share their designs to the public, or have them printed and sold in a snap. Both iOS and Android users can avail of this instant tee-designing and producing app.

2.  Adobe Photoshop touch

If you want a freer, no boundaries, no templates approach to designing tees, Adobe Photoshop Touch is your best bet. It is considered by many artists as one of the best image apps available today. While it may not be as chock-full of tools as the complete Photoshop package, this app still packs a punch with plenty of creative options, including photo sharing through social networks. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

3.  Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

If you’re dedicated to the raw, artistic experience of old school, manual creation of original t-shirt designs, then you’ll need a reliable sketch and drawing app like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. It’s got an array of impressive sketching and drawing tools, including various types of freehand styles, canvas options, and a customisable colour palette.  This app is available for iOS devices only.

4.  Fotopedia Heritage

This isn’t the first app that comes to mind when designing for t-shirts, but it is definitely one of the most inspirational. Fotopedia Heritage is one of Apple’s 50 best apps of all time, and for good reason. Created in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, it features some 30,000 exceptional images of magnificent heritage sites from around the world. You’ll see natural wonders, exotic destinations, awe-inspiring monuments and basically, a very enriching snapshot of the world. In times when you desperately need artistic inspiration, this app could be your saving grace. This app is available for iPads and iPhones.

5.  Art Authority for iPad

Still haven’t gotten your fix of artistic inspiration? Art Authority for iPad is another app you can look up to get inspired. It features thousands upon thousands of the greatest artworks from the early periods up to the present. Navigating through the app is like walking through a real-life museum filled with the works of the most renowned names in Art and Art history. If you’re stuck in a design bind, having this app on your iPad can definitely help.

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Get started on your t-shirt designing and printing business the right way by getting the right tools to help and inspire you, and of course, the right kind of ink from Colormaker Industries.


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