Author: Louise Griffin



Louise Griffin is an artist, designer and architect that began screen printing in 2009. She was attracted to the medium because of its history, tactile quality and versatility. Screen printing also allowed her to incorporate the community into her large scale public artwork. Sustainability is a guiding principle of her work so water-based inks was the natural choice. After experimenting with different brands, she found Permaprint Premium and Permaset to be superior in both quality of color and coverage. She believes Colomaker Industries is a leader in green technology and respects their strong ethics and integrity. Over the last few years, she has taught workshops around the world that focus on the art of screen printing with water-based inks and recycled materials. She uses Permaprint Premium and Permaset in her own work and in her public workshops. Louise Griffin is creator of GriffinMade, a design studio located in Los Angeles, California.

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Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser