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7 Aug 2019  | 0 Comments

Diagram showing the plans for Solar panels on the Colormaker Industries factory and warehouse/office roofs.

Colormaker Industries are the manufacturers of Permaset eco-friendly inks located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.  Colormaker is committed to supporting the environment and to the continual improvement of its environmental performance, recognising its obligations both locally and globally.

The company has recently signed up for Solar Energy and Colormaker is installing 356 solar panels on the roofs of its buildings.  The installation of extensive solar panels are expected to be completed by the end of September 2019, and once commissioned we will export surplus clean energy back to the grid.  It will be 6-8 weeks until the solar installation and testing phases are completed.  Over this time, we’ll be posting updates every few days to show the progress of the installation.

Here we are on Day #2 of the Solar Power installation. The measuring & marking up phase has been completed and now the L feet are going in. We had a bit of trouble with tech screws which caused some delays, so now we’re pre-drilling holes & using heavier gauge screws.

End of Day #2 of the Solar Installation – as the sun sets on the roof of our factory.

7.8.2019 Day #3 over. A lot of the rails are now in and some panels are being prepped for installation tomorrow

8.8.2019 – Day #4 We had some afternoon delays due to a rain sqall and now high winds with worse expected tomorrow. Here’s a close up of the rails installed so far.

Week 1, Day #5 – a few hold ups due to high winds and bad weather.

Week 2, Day #8 done & dusted. There’s not a lot different to see, but if you look closely, you can see more wires & rail that has been installed this week.

Week 2, Day #8. Solar Panels ready and waiting to be installed.

8. Week 3, Day #13. We’re making good progress with 51 Solar Panels installed, and just another 305 to go!

9. Week 3, Day #13. Take a look at the above video of the installed solar panels so far!

It’s amazing to think that in a few weeks time all our Permaset inks will be made using power that we’ve generated from the sun ☀️ ☀️ 

Check here for updates over the next few days…

6 Feb 2019  | 0 Comments

Planning on creating your very first, personalised printed tee? There are a few essentials you always need to have in your screen printing kit.

Choosing what to include in your kit can be confusing at times, as different printers can have different methods and suggestions. However, these variations really depend on your personal preferences, and what really matters are these few essentials:

Screen – Of course, you’ve got to have a screen in order to screen print. Screens come in a lot of different sizes and which one you choose really depends on the size of your print. They also come in different mesh counts, and the right mesh count will depend on how detailed your design is and how thick your ink is. The more detailed your design, the higher your mesh count should be otherwise the ink will simply fall through the larger holes of the screen, bleed and make your print blurry. If your ink is quite thick however, you’ll want to use a lower mesh count or else not much ink is going to go through your screen.

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19 Nov 2018  | 0 Comments

Looking for a fun and practical DYI project? Why not make your own custom shopping bags and tote bags?

Reusable shopping bags and tote bags are wonderful items in that they’re very versatile—you can use them for shopping, for going to the beach, as promotional items, giveaways or gift bags. They’re also environment-friendly because unlike plastic or paper bags you can use them again and again.

Making custom shopping bags and tote bags is easy, and requires only a few materials to start.

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What’s neither glitter nor pure gold but gives off a brilliant, breathtaking sheen to prints on your shirt? It’s none other than metallic ink, and it gives off just enough shine to make any printed design stand out without being too loud or ostentatious.

Metallic inks are distinct printing inks that have been around for a while but aren’t as commonly used as other water-based inks for printing. There are a few possible reasons for this, one being that people often get intimidated by the boldness of these colours, and are unsure how to use them.

Using metallic inks for screen printing however is not that complicated, and they produce sensational, shining results that are well worth the try.

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12 Nov 2018  | 0 Comments

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means– beach, barbies and for screen printers and DIYers, some fun and fabulous summer screen printing projects!

Summer is a great time to head outdoors with your printing screens and kits. The summer sun is perfect for quick drying prints, and the beach and outdoor summer scenes are definitely great inspirations for prints.

Before heading out however remember to put on some sunscreen and make sure to keep yourself hydrated– the same goes with your screens, as water-based inks can dry quickly in the sun.

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