Author: Wendy Croxford

4 Dec 2014  | 0 Comments

Soft prints, high resolution, and eco-friendly—these three features will make you want to switch to water-based inks. Although they require a different set of tools and supplies, and also need a separate set of aptitude, coordination and speed, they’re totally worth it.

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17 Sep 2014  | 0 Comments

A Place Where Books & Print Invite Creativity, Community And Invention

On the main street of a Los Angeles neighborhood called Highland Park, you’ll find Pop-Hop Books & Print, a book shop and print studio run by Robey Clark. Opened in May 2012 and nestled between a coffee shop and a bar … Read More

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser