Back to School: Kid-friendly Screen and Block Printing Ideas

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

1 Feb 2018  | 0 Comments

School’s back in for the year and the kids will be raring to get creative, both at home and in the classroom.  Get started with these easy and sustainable crafts using our eco-friendly water based inks for printing.

Project 1: Bespoke book bags

What better way to encourage reading than to make it colourful and fun with custom book bags? Calico totes can be bought cheaply from art supply stores, or you might wish to print on simple drawstring bags instead. You could either help the kids to screen print patterns or simply give them some paint brushes and stamps (or block prints)  to use with various Permaset ink colours. Heat set and add pom poms, ribbons, iron-on patches or embroidery, and the kids will have an enviable book bag like no other!

Project 2: Custom pencil cases

You can help kids create their own unique fabric pencil cases and get them excited about a new school year full of spelling and writing. If you’re not a sewer, it’s easy to create felt pouches or pencil rolls that can be hand painted then stuck together with strong craft glue. If you do know how to sew, then you could get the kids to screen print designs onto plain cotton and turn these into cool zippered cases.

Handpainted pencil case by Inkling Design

Get inspiration for a hand painting a pencil case like this one by Inkling Shop

Project 4: Printed bookmarks for friends and teachers

This is a fantastically simple project to introduce kids to the world of screen printing. Ask children to draw a design onto vinyl sheets, carefully cut them out and apply them to mini printing screens. Then, show them how to print their designs onto large sheets of paper. These sheets can be easily cut into strips by an adult using a guillotine, or hand cut into unique shapes by the kids. With the addition of a hole punch and a colourful ribbon, they’ll make great gifts to other students, teachers and parents.

Project 3: Personalised lunch and snack bags

Lunch bags can be created using paper or fabric, and the good news is that Permaset inks can be used for both options. If you’re making your bags with paper, you can print large sheets as above and then follow an origami video to fold your paper bag into place. If you’re using fabric, then you might try a pattern such as this reusable snack bag. If you’re really feeling clever you could line the inside of the lunch bag with clear or patterned vinyl to make it spillproof.

4L PERMASET glow pink v1b

We know that Permaset Aqua Glow Pink ink will be a crafting hit with the kids.

When you’re looking for a solvent-free ink which is safe for kids to use, then look no further than Permaset Aqua water based inks. They’re vibrant, non-toxic, versatile and incredibly easy to clean up, whether you’re printing onto posters or onto organic clothing. Visit one of our stockists or buy online with easy delivery.

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser