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In order to screen print in a sustainable way, you will need to ensure that all elements of the process are responsibly sourced. This includes the fabric or material that you’re printing onto, as well as eco-friendly or vegan inks for screen printing. Here’s where you can source quality components for organic printing.


Finding organic T-shirts and fabric for screen printing

There are many options for buying quality organic fabrics and clothing these days, particularly online. For small print runs in Australia, for example, you might look to stores like Fairtees, Etiko or Velvety for fair trade and organic blank T-shirts. If you’re running large print runs, suppliers such as OCC Apparel can provide certified organic cottons in a variety of colours and styles, such as these t-shirts pictured here which are from the ‘Earth Positive’ brand. Other good organic brands include Salvage and Certton which are also available at OCC Apparel. Search for fair trade organic yardage or clothing to find materials that are ethically grown and processed.

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Screen printed yardage can give you unlimited options for creating clothing, objects and artworks out of textiles. Here’s how to get started in screen printing yardage at your home or studio without the usual expensive equipment, using Permaset Aqua screen printing inks for safe use and easy clean-up.

You need large screens to screen print yardage. Photo courtesy of

You need large screens to screen print yardage. Photo courtesy of

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Screen printing has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean modern technology can’t make the process even more effective and creative. These are our top 4 picks for apps in 2017 that can take your screen printing to the next level.

Sip Colour

Have you spotted the perfect colour scheme for your next T-shirt design in a birthday cake or a plant, but don’t know how to identify the hues? You need Sip Colour on your phone. This free iPhone app allows you to select colours and colour schemes in one easy snap, then adjust hue, saturation and brightness for the perfect result.

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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to whip up some unique and fun Christmas gifts by screen printing, block printing or even hand painting fabrics with Permaset eco-friendly inks.
There’s nothing like giving a hand-made gift, and you can screen print, block print or hand paint onto fabric easily with a few simple tools! Take a look at these Christmassy projects created by some of the artisans around Australia.


Christmas fabric hand-printed by
using Permaset ecofriendly inks.


Rudolph Santa Sack hand-printed by Sandra Waine. Purchase from

Christmas Fabric for Making Kids Clothes & Santa Sacks

1. You can make your own Christmas pattern by carving out blocks from EzyCarve (which are available in art stores around Australia), and using them to print Christmassy repeat patterns onto red or green fabric using Permaset inks, or even onto a white or red pillow case to make a cool Santa bag or Christmas stocking!

2. Permaset inks are solvent-free– so they’re perfect for use on children’s clothes and homewares (including bedding and cushions) which may touch the skin. Permaset inks are available at most good Art Supplies stores or you can buy from the Permaset Online Shop and we can ship to you across Australia.

3. You can purchase blank pillow cases from Target or any good bedding specialist or department store.

4. For tips on block printing, visit our

5. Once printed, don’t forget to cure your print by air drying it first, then ironing it (with brown paper or baking paper over the top) for a few minutes with the iron on Medium setting. If you don’t cure your print, the ink will run in the wash.

Screen-printing Christmas Tea Towels

Tea Towels are great Christmas gifts for friends and family which can be designed and screen printed with a few simple tools. The below designs are quite complex, but you can easily screen print a simple design onto a tea towel using Permaset’s easy-to-use Screen Printing Kit (available from our Permaset Online Shop). This kit contains everything you need including the screen, Permaset inks, stencils to make your own design and a ‘How To’ sheet.

To draw inspiration for your Christmas tea towels, think of the things around you which represent Christmas. Perhaps it’s Christmas decorations, or plants that flower in your garden this time of year, or maybe it’s Santa or Reindeer. You can find free Christmas icons/designs online which are downloadable for use in your personal tea towel designs.

What You’ll Need

• Permaset Screen Printing Kit (can be purchased online from our Permaset Online Shop)

• Blank Cotton, Linen or Cotton/Linen mix tea towels (can be purchased from

• Design your Christmas pattern and away you go! You can use the ‘How To’ Guide in your screen printing kit to assist you if you aren’t sure how to screen print.

• For tips on how to screen print simply, see our Screen Printing Blog

• Don’t forget to cure your print by air drying it first, then ironing it (with brown paper or baking paper over the top) for a few minutes with the iron on medium setting. Once that is done you can then wash your print and it won’t run!


Christmas Tea Towels printed with Permset inks

The above Christmas tea towels were designed by Patricia Del Favero of Imbued Design.  Patricia has outlined some of her inspiration for these designs in detail below…

1. The Heliconia Christmas Tea Towel, is based on inspiration from the structured confidence of a crab’s claw. The arrangement with greenery in a vase often reminded the designer of a Christmas tree. This design has been printed using Permaset Bright Red and a custom green colour.

2. The Naughts and Crosses Christmas Tea Towel, draws its inspiration from the summer festivities that Australians enjoy around Christmas with evenings outdoors enjoying a glass of wine and surprise landings of the Christmas beetle. The naughts and crosses arrangement not only alludes to fun and games, but also Christmas decorations (baubles and candy canes). The design was printed using Permaset Gold Lustre, (Gold Lustre with a bit of black), the candy canes were printed with Permaset Mid Red.

3. The Silver Gumnuts Christmas Tea Towel, draws its inspiration from the silvery white waxy coating on some species of the flowering eucalyptus. The pastel colours of the eucalyptus leaves harmonise nicely with Permaset Bright Silver.

If you prefer to buy a Tea Towel rather than making your own, these Christmas Tea Towels are available for purchase from our Permaset Online Shop

Christmas Cards



Hand-printed Christmas cards using Permaset eco-friendly inks by
Bones and Seams. Available on their Etsy store

Whether sending or giving Christmas cards, the hand-printed variety are a beautiful and unique way of passing on the Christmas spirit.  Here’s how to make them:

1. You can produce something similar to the above Christmas cards by carving out your design onto blocks from EzyCarve (which are available in art stores around Australia).

2. A written message is fun (like the one above), or you can use Christmas images like these ones available FREE online

3. Rather than the traditional Red and Green, try some of Permaset’s Glow inks which can be purchased from our Permaset Online Shop

We hope you can produce some great Christmas products using our colourful Permaset eco-friendly inks.  Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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Permaset ink has a viscosity profile optimized to thin under the shear of a squeegee blade, pass through the mesh + then sit up on the fabric without running any further. Block inks generally are formulated to be much much stickier. So, first thing, you will need to use a different sort of brayer and we recommend a small foam roller to lay the ink out. … Read More

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser