Creative Print Design Ideas for Halloween!

by Michelle Bridger

in Permaset Blog

2 Oct 2018  | 0 Comments

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means– it’s time for the ghouls and spooks to come alive! Not literally of course, but in decorations, costumes– and for artists and screen printers, that definitely includes prints!

Halloween is one of the really fun times of the year where you get to play with scary, spooky prints, wild colours and even glow-in-the-dark inks. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started on your printing projects this Halloween!

Pumpkin Prints

pumpkin designs

Pumpkin Designs

Nothing says ‘Happy Halloween’ like a good jack-o’-lantern, but why leave them only on your doorstep when you can have them printed on as well? Jack-o’-lantern prints are simple and easy to make (certainly easier than carving out a pumpkin!) and offer endless variety. You can make them scary or goofy, small and several, or extra-large. They usually come in just two colours: black and orange, but you can definitely experiment and make them different colours. You can print different jack-o’-lantern faces in black ink on orange fabric, or go all out and make them rainbow-coloured!

Better than Black and White

Few other colour combos can beat the solid combination of black and white, and this pairing is one you’ll definitely see a lot of during Halloween. Be it a black silhouette of a flying witch, a black cat, stark white ghosts and skeletons, or a fuzzy black spider on its white web, the Halloween design options are endless with just these two colours! But why stop there? When you can make them even spookier by using glow-in-the-dark inks! With Permaset’s black screen printing ink and Permaset Aqua phosphorescent inks you can make your black and white Halloween prints jump out and say ‘Boo!’

Witch & Scared Cat

Witch & Scared Cat Stencils are available on our Permaset website

Slime, Ooze and Skeleton Designs

Halloween is definitely not just all about black and white. A skeleton or zombie-themed design can be filled with colour with the addition of bright red brains and sickly green slime. Permaset Aqua’s Phosphorescent water-based inks are perfect for these types of designs, as they actually Glow-in-the-Dark, which makes them excellent for Halloween costumes, decorations and loot bags.

Slime, Ooze and Skeleton Designs
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Excited for your Halloween printing project but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got the perfect package just for you! Our special Halloween pack comes with all the basic Halloween colours you need to start making some spooktacular designs! You can use them to print or paint designs on shirts, costumes, decorations and more!

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