Decorating Easter Eggs with Permaset Inks/Paints

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

3 Apr 2017  | 0 Comments

Decorating Easter Eggs1

With Easter holidays just around the corner, there are plenty of people getting hands-on with egg themed crafts. If you’d like a bright and colourful result, why not consider the Permaset Aqua inks/paints you already have in your art room? These organic screen printing inks /paints are safe to use, produce a vivid result and are so easy to mix into new colours. Here are some of our ideas, either using wooden or paper mâché eggs or painting straight onto the real thing.

Hand painting eggs

One of the best ways to decorate your egg is to simply paint on your eco-friendly inks (paints) with a brush or roller. Try experimenting with thinning out your inks, or applying them in several layers for rich colour. You can also apply stickers to the egg’s surface before painting them, then peel the stickers off once dry to reveal nice patterns.


Creating a dye bath

The other option with a water-based ink is to thin it to a dye. If you’re using natural eggs we’d suggest boiling them in water with a splash of vinegar first, which will help the egg’s surface to absorb colour. Add your colours of choice to a water bath, and dip your eggs in for 5-10 minutes until you’re happy with the result.



We also love the modern look of colour-blocking, and this is easy to achieve by dipping the end of the egg directly into some thinned ink. For multi-layered results, simply wait for the previous layer to dry before rotating the egg and dipping into a new colour.


Adding detail

Once you have a base coat, you’ll probably want to add some detail. You can paint on fine patterns or dots using a thin brush, or write messages in calligraphy. Our Permaset metallic and Permaset Glow ranges are perfect for adding interesting highlights, and all of our inks/paints have the right consistency to dribble and drip into interesting patterns.

Another great idea we’ve seen is to use metallic temporary tattoos to the egg’s painted surface. Simply apply the tattoos as you usually would to the surface of the egg once the base coat is completely dry for a luxury effect.


Creating a marbled pattern

There’s an unlikely household product you can use to produce marbled eggs, and that’s shaving cream! Add about five centimetres of it to a container, then add in several drops of your Permaset Aqua ink. Stir the mixture with a toothpick until it reaches a marbled effect, then dip your eggs in and cover completely. Sit the egg on a paper towel for 5 to 10 minutes to let the colour soak in, then wipe off the shaving cream to reveal a beautiful pattern.

One thing to remember: even though our screen printing inks/paints are organic and water based, we’d recommend keeping these Easter eggs for decoration, and saving your tastebuds for the chocolate eggs!

It can be amazing to think about all the projects that your organic screen printing inks/paints can be used for, whether at home or in the classroom. We’d love to see your Easter projects, and you can upload images to our gallery here.

Decorating Easter Eggs2

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