Friendly Arctic Printing And Design – An Environmentally-Friendly Print Shop With Local Flavour.

by Louise Griffin

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22 Jan 2014  | 0 Comments

In 2008, Andy Bird started Friendly Arctic Printing and Design out of his home in Nashville, Tennessee. A husband/wife team, they offered custom clothing printed with high end, environmentally-friendly inks. Fast forward five years and five locations later, Friendly Arctic Printing and Design has maintained its original integrity and seen its business flourish both locally and online. Now run by Andy Bird and Brendan Moss, Friendly Arctic specialises in high quality, competitively-priced printing as well as full service marketing campaigns for clients.

Friendly Arctic Printing & Design Store

Before starting Friendly Arctic, Andy had worked at other print shops using various types of inks including plastisol. Once he created his own business, the health and well being of him and his family was his biggest concern. “Since I was working out of my home, I didn’t want my family exposed to the chemicals associated with plastisol inks and screen cleaners,” says Andy. Now a company with four employees, their new screen printers learn water-based printing only and their customers benefit from having a more environmentally-sound printing solution.

Nashville has a rich printing history that dates back to the late 1800s. A style known as “Hatch Show Print” is synonymous with the show posters of the American South. Started by two brothers in 1879 and still in business today, Hatch Show Print letterpress print shop has created posters for Grand Ole Opry, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to name a few. Andy explains that the “Hatch Show Print” style has become the style of the city and continues to influence artist and designers today including himself.

Friendly Arctic Posters

Friendly Arctic’s business has grown organically with the support from its local community. As small Nashville-based businesses get up and running, they seek out local companies for services. Advertising-in the form of people wearing Friendly Arctic designs-has also brought new business. It starts with a t-shirt designed for a local event. The t-shirt is seen by a musician that wants posters for a concert. An organisation sees the music poster and calls Friendly Arctic in need of a marketing campaign. In a city known for its music venues and festivals, a print shop like Friendly Arctic has no shortage of clients.

Andy Printing

“Going above and beyond” has set Friendly Arctic apart from its competitors. The shop provides higher grade garments, uses exclusively Permaset inks and offers creative and innovative marketing solutions for its clients. Andy recently appeared on National Public Radio’s On Point as part of a local green business segment. After the program aired, large national clients contacted Friendly Arctic interested in doing business with them.

Permaset Inks

While Permaset inks fit the shop’s business philosophy, the inks also produce high quality prints. Andy feels the inks are easy to work with and produce great results. Vendors in the screen print industry pass through the shop and look on in disbelief. They say it’s not possible to get such a great white using water-based inks. One distributor even picked up Permaset after seeing how well the white went down on a t-shirt.

Printing Press

Friendly Arctic Printing and Design is known for its creative, high quality and environmentally-friendly service. It is both a standard print shop and a design studio that provides innovative marketing tailored to its customer’s needs. Its style may be uniquely Nashville but its ethics are global.

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