Inspiration for True-Blue Aussie Screen Printing Designs

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

10 Jan 2018  | 0 Comments

We celebrate Australia Day on 26 January, and we think there’s no better time to jump into fresh screen printing ideas that embrace everything Aussie. Prep your screens and get printing with these true-blue design ideas for textile screen printing companies or solo home printers.


Outback road signs

Some of the most iconic Australian designs out there are our road signs, whether that be for crossing camels, kangaroos or wombats. Their simple styles and clean lines also lend themselves perfectly to textile screen printing ink, so get out some cotton tote bags and get cracking.


How Ya Goin Mate

Make your own Ocker slang t-shirt like this one from

Ocker slang

Love a good slogan tee? Why not revive some of the old-fashioned Aussie slang, or ‘Strine’, that used to be commonplace? ‘Dead horse’ means tomato sauce, ‘Joe Blake’ refers to a snake and there might be a ‘vego’ or two at the ‘barbie’ this ‘arvo’. It’s arguable, however, that the most Aussie T-shirt would simply be one saying, ‘No worries’!

Aussie Flag t-shirt

Create your own Australian Flag t-shirt with an Aussie slogan like this one from

Aussie creatures, great and small

There are plenty of cute and cuddly animals to provide inspiration for your designs, from ringtail possums to baby koalas. These lend themselves beautifully to nursery linens, kids’ clothing and bright accessories. There’s also a multitude of deadly and dangerous creatures to inspire a more rock’n’roll design, from the great white shark to the redback spider in the dunny.


We love this Australian Grevillia print by designer Patricia Del Favero of @imbueddesign

Flourishes of native flora

Wattle, eucalyptus, waratahs – the Australian bush is full of fascinating natural patterns and colours to reproduce on your screen printing projects in bright water based textile inks. There’s endless inspiration to be found, ranging from lush Tasmanian ferns to the vibrant Sturt Desert Pea.

Kangaroo T-Shirt

Print your own Kangaroo t-shirt similar to this design available from


Our famous summer lifestyle

Whether it’s having a dip in front of Bondi Pavilion or finding your own clear watering hole in Queensland or the Kimberley, our nation is famous for our stretches of pristine water and endless blue skies. Why not try creating a pattern from ice creams, beach towels or waves, or capturing your favourite swimming spot on the front of a t-shirt?

Unusual town names

It would be a crying shame not to rejoice in some of the stranger town and place names across this wide brown land. There’s Humpty Doo, Useless Loop, Dismal Swamp and Nowhere Else; Bubble Bubble, Bong Bong, Grong Grong and Book Book. Come up with a design based on a map or street signs, and you could be onto a winner.


You can pick up more screen printing inspiration over at the Permaset artwork gallery.  Happy Australia Day!

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