How to Make Red Poppy Scarves for ANZAC Day

by Wendy Croxford

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19 Apr 2017  | 0 Comments

25 April marks Anzac Day – the national day of honouring all Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women for their role in conflicts and peacekeeping missions. The enduring symbol of remembrance is the poppy, so what better way to mark your respect on the day than with a vivid red poppy scarf? Here’s how to screen print your very own design onto cotton or silk fabric using our water-based textile screen printing ink.

Red Poppy Scarf

Print your own Red Poppy Scarf and end up with something like this! This one is for sale on the Royal British Legion website

Method 1: Stencil printing

If you’re planning to print only a handful of poppies on your design then stencil printing is a quick and easy option. You can use either thick paper or flat plastic for your stencil. If you’re sourcing clip art online such as this example, then you might choose to print out the design at the right size and cut it out directly using a craft knife. Alternatively, you may wish to hand-draw your own design and cut out the different sections.


Once you have created your stencil, it’s a simple case of taping or spraying your fabric into place using table adhesive, taping your stencil in the correct position over the top, then using a paint brush or foam roller and Permaset Aqua water based textile inks to build up your design. If you are using different colours, tape the sections that you aren’t painting at the time. Once complete, let the design air dry, then set the ink using a heat gun, iron, tumble dry or another of our recommended methods.


Method 2: Screen printing

If you’d like to create a poppy pattern for your red scarf then screen printing is an ideal choice. First, source or draw your poppy shapes and read up on how to design a repeated pattern. We find that this guide from HandPrinted UK is clear and easy to follow.   Yes altho this is great and HandPrinted DO sell our Permaset inks they have not featured it in this guide, so would rather not link it in.


Once you have prepped, exposed and cleaned your screen, you’ll be ready to print. Adhere your fabric to the table or press for a stable base and mark out your widths so you can easily line your patterns up, even with ink on your screen. By using water based textile inks, you can easily rinse and reuse screens if you need to wait for sections to dry before printing the next area. Set with heat as before, and you’ll soon be wearing your scarf proudly on ANZAC Day.

Red Poppy

You can buy these Permaset inks online to make the Red Poppy Scarves

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