Say Happy Birthday to Her Majesty with Regal Textile Artwork

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

5 Jun 2017  | 0 Comments

12 June marks the Queen’s official birthday for most Australian states, and we think this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the royal theme. Let’s celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with some screen printing projects using metallic and gold screen printing ink.

Choosing screen printing inks for a royal theme

Of course, any project honouring Her Royal Majesty should include majestic colours. You might choose to use the rich Permaset Aqua Purple, or use our Permatone inks to mix up a vivid royal blue.  Then, add highlights in our metallic screen printing ink including metallic gold lustre, pearl white, bright silver and copper. You may even wish to embrace the red, white and blue of the Union Jack.


Try a Crown themed repeat pattern to celebrate the Queens Birthday

Print a crown themed pattern

Her Majesty’s Imperial State Crown is iconic and no matter what it’s printed on, it will make it feel a bit special. Work up a simple repeating pattern using a geometric crown design and print it onto coloured cotton to make a bright and bold dress, or simplify a photograph of the crown to print on a tea towel at a large scale. You may not live at Buckingham Palace, but you can certainly feel fancy while you’re washing up!


Get creative with the Royal Guard

The distinctive red and black uniforms of the Queen’s Guard are almost as recognisable as Her Majesty herself. You could have some fun drawing up designs and patterns based on these very iconic chaps. You might even add in some other typical British icons – think red post boxes, phone booths, Big Ben, double decker buses, black cabs and teapots for a quirky and complex pattern. You could even play around with HRH’s coin or postage stamp silhouette on the front of a shirt or a baby onesie for a nostalgic and very British theme.


The Queen on a Postage stamp could make a great screen printing design for the Queen’s Birthday


Find inspiration in majestic patterns and details

You don’t need to focus on specific people or objects to celebrate the royal birthday. Do some research into the patterns and details that can be found in Buckingham Palace, from the teacups to the carpets and drapes, and you might just find inspiration for your next print. There are plenty of free royal-style patterns online to play with and adapt for your own designs.


Create a regal slogan on a T-shirt or jumper

Play off the theme of royalty and you’ll find plenty of slogan ideas: for example, ‘Queen of the castle’, ‘Nap Queen’ and ‘Drama Queen’. Pick a bold display font and a brightly coloured or gold screen printing ink to make your design unmissable.

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