Screen Printing Projects to Embrace the UK Summer

by Michelle Bridger

in Permaset Blog

28 Aug 2017  | 0 Comments

Across the United Kingdom we are savouring the last few weeks of the warmer weather before we head into autumn, and there’s no better excuse to break open your brightest screen printing inks. Check out these summer-inspired screen printing projects while the weather is still great.


Screen print your own swimwear

Why not, when Permaset Aqua inks are ideal and safe for printing on Lycra and swimwear? This water based screen printing ink doesn’t crack or warp like plastisol inks can so you can be confident printing on a good quality item. Choose your favourite summer design, then create a single print or repeated pattern on your one-piece maillot or bikini. Checkout this great swimsuit print below by

Amazing Swimsuit


Print your own tank top or t-shirt

You know the saying – suns out, guns out. Now’s the perfect opportunity to create a new tank top design or t-shirt design in cool cotton. With the Premier League season upon us, we couldn’t think of a better way to support your team with a clever design. Or, embrace the last of the summer festivals with a cool t-shirt or dress design.

Festival T-shirt

Create your own festival t-shirt like this great one for Eat Me the Band printed by in the United Kingdom

Screen print outside (while you can)

We love screen printing outside – it helps your screens dry quicker and a clothesline can be invaluable in drying prints in between colour changes. While the weather is still great, bring your kit outside and soak up the warmth while you get creative. Just remember to keep your screens flooded in between prints to keep your water based ink from drying out too fast.

Print your own tank top

Take advantage of the great English weather by screen printing outside like these guys from Flat 102 screen printers in Buckingham at in St Albans, United Kingdom.

Block Printing with found objects

Your screen printing inks aren’t just limited to screen printing – you can also use them for block printing with simple found objects. Experiment with summery cut citrus like lemons and oranges, ice creams, leaves and rocks or pebbles from the beach, printing in loud colours like yellows, reds and blues.

Aqua water based inks

Prints created using a turnip and Permaset Aqua water-based inks by Linda Stokes textile artist

Capture the warm weather in a poster

Don’t want summer to leave your house? It doesn’t need to. Head to your nearest park and sketch up a summery design, then print it up in bright and vibrant Permaprint Premium inks for printing on posters and other substrates. You’ll have a slice of summer in your house even when the weather turns glum. If you need inspiration, look at the icons of your UK summer, such as picnic essentials, sunglasses, ice cream and the beach.

Ice cream poster

Fabulous ice-cream poster print by in Bury St Edmonds using Permaprint Premium eco-friendly inks

Permaset Resellers and Distributors in the United Kingdom

There are currently 27 stockists of Permaset products throughout the United Kingdom, so there’s sure to be a supplier in your area. Visit one today and stock up on fresh colours and products to capture those last weeks of the glorious English summer.

There are two Permaset Distributors in the UK. West Design Products is the Permaset distributor for the Art and Craft market in the UK servicing customers such as home users, artisans, block printers, artists, designers, students and smaller screen printing operations. Their contact details are shown below:

Address: West HSE/Shearway Business Park, Pent Rd, Folkestone, Kent/England, CT19 4RJ, United Kingdom
Phone: 1303 297 888

Steve Wood Services is the Permaset distributor for trade customers including t-shirt printers, merchandise, education facilities, printers, and larger screen printing operations. Their contact details are shown below:

Steve Wood Services
Address: Unit 14/Centre Park, Marston Business Park, TOCKWITH/YORKS, YO26 7QF, United Kingdom
Phone: 142 335 8989

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser