Screen Printing Projects for the School Holidays

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

3 Jan 2018  | 0 Comments

School holidays are great for spending time with the kids, but nobody wants to hear, “I’m booored”. Screen printing can be your saviour! Gather your water-based Permaset Premium inks and check out these poster ideas to keep kids of all ages enthralled these school holidays.

Get creative with your kit

Unsure of how to print posters without a screen printing frame? You can easily make your own on a budget using an old photo frame or embroidery hoop and some type of mesh material, such as gauze or nylon that allows ink to pass through. Pair this with some of our eco-friendly inks and a silicon kitchen spatula, and you’ll have your own mini screen printing kit. Alternatively Permaset sells screens & squeegees in their online shop

Monster Poster

Take inspiration from Etsy user GuerillaDesign and their screen prints on printed papers. Click here to visit their shop.


Favourite quotes

If your kids love books then they could create a poster of their favourite passage or quote to hang in their rooms. They may have a favourite saying that they can add onto a screen using a paper or cardboard stencil. Our Permaprint Premium poster inks are available in standard vivid colours, process Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black, and Metallic/Pearl colours in bright, gold, silver and copper which look amazing printed onto dark and colourful papers.


Posters on printed papers

Need some inspiration? Challenge the kids to find an old novel or encyclopaedia around the house and design an image that relates to the text. Then, they can use vinyl cut-outs or stencils cut from paper or card to create vivid screen prints directly onto the printed pages. These prints look great placed in frames and hung up in bedrooms and studies.


Nature study posters

If you need an excuse to get the kids out of the house and into the sunshine, ask them to go on a scavenger hunt for interesting leaves and flowers. These can then form the basis for screen printing posters by applying the found items directly to the screen and pressing down while you make the print. You can double the learning experience if the kids are learning about the plants while they print with them, too.

Cool to be kind

We love this sweet and simple message by @flat102. Visit their Instagram for more inspiration.


Family pet portraits

If you have emulsion, why not make a portrait of your favourite pooch or feline friend? Get the kids involved in taking a photo, editing the design digitally and printing it out onto transparent plastic in order to create the screen. Add your own flair like a bow tie or your pet’s name underneath, then print onto as many colourful posters and accessories as you like.


Permaset and Permaprint Premium inks are water based, eco-friendly inks that are perfectly safe for kids to use, and they’re incredibly easy to clean up after your crafting session. You can get them here.

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser