Space Out with Astronomic Textile Prints

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

27 Sep 2017  | 0 Comments

Space Week is set to hit with a big bang from 4-10 October, celebrating everything about space exploration, travel and research throughout 86 countries. In 2017 the theme is ‘Exploring New

Permaset Phosphorescent Green Ink is available in 100mL, 300mL & 1 Litre sizes

Permaset Phosphorescent Green Ink
is available in 100mL, 300mL & 1 Litre sizes

Worlds in Space’, so let’s discover some far-out ideas for designs including the use of our glow-in-the-dark screen printing ink.


Nerd out on spacecraft

Love spaceships, space stations and escape pods? You could design your own intergalactic spacecraft to screen print, honour NASA’s back catalogue of vehicular designs or sketch out your own floor plan of the Millennium Falcon. Extra points for glow-in-the-dark details.


Create designs around constellations

Stars are a rich source of inspiration for making prints with water based silkscreen ink. Print up a simple star pattern or recreate your favourite constellation on cotton textiles. You could even create a connect-the-dots design using glowing stars. The sky is literally the limit…


Channel your inner astronaut

American Apparel t-shirt with glowing star design

American Apparel t-shirt with glowing star design

What kid (big or little) doesn’t dream of flying through space as an astronaut? Space Week offers the chance to hear from people who have been there and back, so channel your inner astronaut with a T-shirt or pyjamas featuring astronaut prints that light up in the dark.


Go solar and lunar

The sun and the moon are essential to our survival, so show your appreciation to these ever-present giants with a screen print in bright or glowing silk screen fabric ink. You could also bring out Saturn and its ring, a printed representation of the solar system or capture a telescope view on the front of a shirt.


Celebrate your favourite space art

Can’t get enough Star Wars or Star Trek? Are you a big fan of the X Files or Blade Runner? Now’s the time to come up with some fan art that pays homage to your favourite science fiction stories. Make a pun, tell a joke, or create a comic story on the front of a T-shirt that will have other fans asking where they can get one the same.

Space critters

Aliens, intelligent life and unusual microbes – imaginations run wild when we think about the creatures that could be out there in space. Whether you’re illustrating an Alien-type feature image or creating a cute repeating pattern with space bacteria, we love the idea of using glowing screen printing ink to bring out their highlights.


Space travel company

Graphic designers, this is one for you. If you’re stuck for inspiration why not create your own space travel agency logo or posters for a space holiday destination? You could use vintage poster styles and colours to create a retro-future experience that would have everyone signing up. Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your arms and legs inside the spacecraft at all times!


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