Sustainable Ways to Celebrate This Holiday Season

by Michelle Bridger

in Permaset Blog

14 Dec 2016  | 0 Comments

Christmas is almost upon us and many are thinking about the best ways to keep the festive season green. The great news is that it can be easy to minimise our environmental footprint while catching up with friends and family. Here are our top ways to celebrate this festive season with sustainable supplies and practices.

Give custom T-shirts printed with eco-friendly textile inks

Homemade gifts can be uninspiring, but you won’t have any complaints giving custom printed T-shirts created with Permaset eco fabric paint. Choose supersoft, quality organic cotton for shirts that everyone will love wearing, and personalise each design with cheeky quotes or inside jokes. They make brilliant long-lasting gifts without any of the packaging or waste.


Hand-printed Xmas message t-shirts by @grungenpunkbaby printed with Permaset ink.

Find sustainable decorations for your family Christmas

If your Christmas tree needs a makeover, skip the plastic ornaments. Instead, look to eco friendly decorations in paper, cardboard, sustainable wood or other biodegradable materials, and printed with eco friendly, water-based inks. Many local and online stores offer excellent ranges of Christmas decorations that are upcycled or sustainably produced. Better yet, get crafty with household items and see how far your imagination can stretch!


Sustainable Christmas Decorations and Wrapping Paper made using Permaset eco-friendly inks

Wrap with a conscience

Wrapping paper is one of those things we don’t think too much about, but collectively it can add up to tonnes of extra waste each year. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to use recycled wrapping paper from last year, wrap your gift in a cute, hand-printed printed tea towel as part of the gift or even getting creative with last week’s classifieds. Skip the curling ribbon and sticky tape, and go for paper washi tape or a reusable ribbon.

Use environmentally friendly tableware for your end of year events

Whether you’re hosting an epic office lunch or a Christmas picnic, there is usually always plenty of plastic waste in terms of plastic plates, cups, straws and cutlery. Why not look into tableware made from bamboo, palm leaf, sugarcane or plant-based plastic that can be used and then composted? Not only are they environmentally friendly, they also look great and can be found in colour schemes to suit your event.

Look locally for your Christmas feast

Christmas lunch or dinner tastes a whole lot better when you’ve focused on finding in-season produce with low food miles. It’s also a perfect opportunity to support local grocers and farmers rather than the big supermarkets. Remember to shop at your local farmers’ markets, ask for special deals with local providers and look for delicious in-season fruit to top off your Christmas pavlova!

Have you been wondering why water based inks provide a superior, greener result for your screen printing? We have the low-down on why eco screen printing ink is the way to go here. For advice on the best eco screen printing products for your Christmas projects, contact the team at Permaset today. Or for ideas on creating your own fun hand-printed Christmas projects using Permaset inks see our recent Blog.

Permaprint does not contain ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCS or HCFCS. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Permaprint premium is free of volatile organic solvent and does not contain PVC resin or Phthalate plasticiser