The Top 5 Apps to Boost Your Screen Printing in 2018

by Wendy Croxford

in Screen Printing Tips & Ideas

13 Sep 2017  | 0 Comments

Screen printing has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean modern technology can’t make the process even more effective and creative. These are our top 4 picks for apps in 2017 that can take your screen printing to the next level.

Sip Colour

Have you spotted the perfect colour scheme for your next T-shirt design in a birthday cake or a plant, but don’t know how to identify the hues? You need Sip Colour on your phone. This free iPhone app allows you to select colours and colour schemes in one easy snap, then adjust hue, saturation and brightness for the perfect result.


Dribbble is far from a new destination for inspiration, but their iOS app makes it easier than ever to see what others are designing and creating. You can browse projects, upload your own designs and even ask for tips from the community. It’s the ultimate way to discover, connect and learn from world-class designers in every form of creativity that relates to screen printing, from posters to logo design.

Skillshare Online Classes

Whether you’re new to screen printing or a seasoned professional, it’s worth checking out the design and screen printing courses available through the Skillshare app when you’re on your next bus or train. Some courses are free and others are only available to Premium members, but the videos are clear, concise and range from designing repeating patterns to perfecting your halftones and textures at a more advanced screen printing level.

The Touch workspace for Illustrator

Tablet workspaces seem to be where the future is heading, and Adobe Illustrator has embraced this with their Touch option that makes the most of the Microsoft Surface and Windows tablets. It can take some practice to adapt from a mouse to a stylus, but the end result is that you’re designing right there on the page wherever you happen to be. From here, you can simply treat your design as a standard Illustrator file to set up your screen print.

Xero Accounting

If you’re screen printing for yourself or you are operating a screen printing business then effective accounting software can be invaluable in managing invoices, orders and inventory such as ink and blank T-shirts. Xero’s mobile app lets you track your cash flow and record your expense claims so easily that you will always know exactly how your screen print business is tracking.

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